Living on campus is an amazing, essential part of the collegiate experience. You’l make close friends and be exposed to new and different ways of thinking

Here are some tips to make  your life at  home-away-from-home more meaningful. At Nova Engineering college, you will experience a sense of COMMUNITY; One that is unique and based on RESPECT. Through activities in the hostel  you'll be provided with an opportunity to be who you want to be. You'll experience impromptu conversations in the hallway or maybe travel as a group to the Canteen, or go for an outing. Living on campus is an experience unlike anyother.. Residence life will give you a chance to make your own DISCOVERIES.

    We are having separate hostels for boys and girls. Having strength of 450 for boys and 250 for girls.

Purified mineral water and well trained security system and daily monitoring watchmen’s and

Neighborhood behavior wardens. Hostel is located with in the campus. Night study hours also conducted in between (8pm to 10pm).