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                         BE (Mech) ME (IC Engg) Ph.D (ICE Emission)

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Considering all these aspects, the strategic plan was prepared with the following vision – 

“NOVA a brand for quality education & research to meet the world class standards with Indian culture and international standards in Teaching, Research and Consultancy.”

In order to achieve this vision, Nova College of Engineering & Technology  has given emphasis on modernizing the laboratories and establishing new laboratories for the benefit of and M.Tech  students to take up research Programs. One of the main components of the proposal was the development of the faculty, by providing them with necessary facilities to acquire higher qualifications and short-term training in specific areas. Emphasis was given to improve the library facilities and campus networking thereby improving inter communication

and augmentation of internet facilities. Focus was also given on augmentation of infrastructure for improving quality of campus life.

DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES -   Academic Excellence

Academic excellence was the main objective of the project. This can be achieved by improving the various components of the system such as infrastructure facilities, faculty, supporting staff etc. In addition, the existing curriculum needed revamping to enhance the academic quality. With these aspects in mind the following objectives were put forward.

• Augmenting the infrastructure in the campus

• Construction and Establishment of Central Computer Facility

• Modernizing and strengthening of laboratories and workshops

• Enhancing the library facilities and establishing  Modern digital library

• Providing state of the art training to the faculty and staff

• Improving campus wide electronic connectivity and high speed internet

• Improving system of administrative and academic governance

• Accrediting PG Programs

• Refurbishing the existing class rooms, labs, seminar halls, etc.

• Implementing Programs for improving the academic capability of weaker students

• Improving co curricular activities and community development

• Improving soft skills of students

• Increasing the industry institute partnership through technology incubation centre

• Creating infrastructure and conducting research for indigenization

• Setting up of self maintenance cell


To explore the Strengths and  Weaknesses of the Institute , and the  Opportunities and Threats facing the Institute ,  committees comprising  of Director, Principal, Dean, Heads of  Department and faculty members of the institution was formed Department wise.  Collectively the  list of strengths, weaknesses are prepared in a realistic manner and also list of opportunities and threats are prepared those exist for the future. We found some departments are stronger and some are weaker in different aspects. A strategic plan is prepared to meet the objectives, addressing each of the four areas.



v  The institution has well qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty  and supporting staff in all  disciplines. We have Professors having Ph.D. from IITs and NITs.

v  Nine of our Faculty has done their M.Tech.  from our Institute and 7 more are pursuing .

v  The staff retention ratio  is good..

v  The institution has well equipped laboratories and spacious class rooms and provides a congenial academic ambience.

v  It has got E-Library  housing more than 20,000 books and subscribes  to more than 2000 International journals which are very  useful to the faculty and students to enhance the teaching – learning process and inculcate the research attitude.

v  Language lab being used to improve the communication skills

v  Demand driven elective subjects are given to the students.

v  Special Tutorial classes are conducted to the weaker students to improve the academic performance.

v  Academic cell headed by a senior Faculty monitors the students’ class room performance and maintains academic discipline.

v  With these credentials the administration is confident of marching ahead and face all challenges and competitions from rivals


Certain weaknesses identified from data analysis are as follows:

v  The institution is located in the rural area of west Godavari district where the people are mainly dependent on cultivation.

v  Difficulties in getting faculty as many are reluctant to live in rural area.

v  To uplift the status of children of this area, this institution is determined to provide a quality technical education.

v  Unable to utilize the available land fully due to financial constraints.

v  Percentage of pass is found less may be due to the background of the students. Majority of the students in this institution have studied in vernacular (Telugu) medium.

v  Work culture should be created among the faculty members by organizing various training programs by the institution.

v  Financial support and incentives are  limited  to the faculty members for paper presentation in seminars/conferences  and for adopting Best Teaching Practices due to financial constraints.


v  Abundant land is available for the campus which  can be developed as a Residential Institute.

v  Enough opportunities are there to carry out projects on eco – friendly alternate fuels such as bio-gas  plant, solar powered lighting system, wind mills etc.

v  Not many Institutes are there in the neibourhood, hence easy to attract and exploit local talent.

v  Provides serene atmosphere for the students to concentrate without  distractions

v  Students get chance to interact with Faculty easily.